A little bit about Redecorate: where we’re going, where we’ve been, and the team that’ll get us there!

About Our Origins

Why we're full of heart...and good furniture deals!

Redecorate opened officially in 2008 in a small shop on Corlett drive in Birnam, Johannesburg, buying and selling second hand furniture and grew quickly into a larger store in the same centre, when our services expanded to include upholstery, restoration and custom manufacturing. The more we sold, the more we learnt about our customers and where they'd most love to shop for furniture and that they were looking for a more eclectic, trendy experiences whilst shopping. 

We eventually relocated to Parkhurst (opposite the the well known Solly Kramers). Needing a little more space, we moved to a bigger premises also in Parkhurst, now located permanently at 54 6th street Parkhurst. 

About Our People

Looking to make the most of what you already have? We're all about furniture - let us help you!

Michael Schoeman, Owner of Redecorate
“I love the challenge of restoring beautiful pieces from scratch, offering decorating advice and of course, dealing with people!’ Michael
Alexa Schoeman, buyer at Redecorate
“I have a keen eye for unique, beautiful and rare pieces. If I’m not in the shop you’ll most likely find me searching far and wide to find interesting stock at the best price so that we can pass the added value onto you, the customer.”Alexa

About Our Values

Everything we do is to get us closer to reaching our goals

  • Democratise decorating

    Decorating should be accessible for as many people as possible – not just the rich few

  • Create employment

    Give skilled furniture artisans meaningful employment

  • Become a loved brand

    Become a recognised brand by locals for the best furniture deals on beautiful pieces.