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Redecorate is a second hand furniture store based in Parkhurst, Johannesburg with new stock weekly! 

We're also in the process of building our new online store, so check back soon to see regular updates here!




We stock a variety of decorating styles

We stock second hand furniture that includes styles such as Art Deco, Georgian, Edwardian and Modern Contemporary. Current trends in up cycling have afforded this niche opportunity for us to resell and restore old items. While years ago that old dining room table may have landed up in the dump, now it’s about turning trash into treasure, trending second hand furniture.


New second hand furniture stock, weekly

We get our second hand furniture from various sources, including purchasing the furniture you would like to sell. Send us a Whatsapp message with your items and we will give you a quote, if we are interested. Redecorate is a busy store with new and unique furniture coming in many times a week. Whether its from someone else relocating to Australia looking for uninterrupted power to people simply needing to downsize, we get furniture from such a variety of sources there is always bound to be some second hand furniture deal for you.


Breath new life into old rooms

We have many decorators buying second and furniture for their clients, often looking for that unique piece, that will fit into their brief…and their budget. Redecorate with items from our wide range of second hand furniture. From wooden antique tables to steel outdoor sets, we stock it all. Are you looking for that chair to finish the living room? Maybe a cupboard (or an armoire, if you’re fancy like that) to turn into a drinks cabinet in the dining room or to store your clothes in a bedroom...we can even modify the piece to suit your needs. 

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